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Technique of the Month: This is where a certain Soo Gi or Jok Gi technique is suggested for special emphasis for you to practice at home: Yup Podo Cha Gi Take 5 minutes every day to practice side kicks. You'll see a great improvement everytime. SOO BAHK!


- 98th Classing Championship Dan Ceremony, Feb. 15, 1997.

- Sa Bom Nim H.C. Hwang visits the Hudson Valley and conducts a special il Soo Sik Dae Ryun clinic Grandmaster Hwang Kee and Sa Bom Nim H. C. Hwang

98th Classing Championship & Dan Ceremony

On February 15th, 1997, the Hudson Valley put its best foot forward! Jok Gi that is... Presented by Masters Frampton, Bennett and Baran, along with Kyo Sa(s) Reisman, Duncan and Antonelli, the 98th classing Dan Ceremonies and 1st Annual Mid- Hudson Valley Championships were held in nearby Newburgh. Being promoted to Kyo Sa were Mr. Clements, Rifflard and Tuttle. To Sam Dan, Mr. Tuttle. To E Dan, Mr. Harshfield, Perez, McDonald, LaVallee, Rosenthal, Orban, and Schorno. To Cho Dan, Sharon Brown, Richard Butler, Hakon Devries, Heather Dors, Sean Dougherty, Kathleen Dunn, Leslie Eggleton, Robert Farrell, Armanda Garces, Frank Garces, Sean Greenblatt, William Henstebeck, John Kelder, Dillon Kopf, Mick Mahoney, Andy Perez, Michael Perri, Paris Ramos, Michael Reineke, Barbara Rosolowski, Hollis Schorno, William Wagner, and Casey Zimnowski. Congratulations to all. SOO BAHK!

FEDERATION TECHNICAL ADVISOR VISITS THE HUDSON VALLEY CHAIRMAN of the U.S. SBDMDK Technical Advisory Committee, Sa Bom Nim H.C. Hwang was the special guest at Master Frampton's School of Karate and Family Fitness in New Windsor, this past week. Accompanied by Master Frank Bonsignore, Federation Charter Member, Master Hwang conducted a clinic on the practical combat applications of the IL Soo Sik Dae Ryun, numbers 1 through 12. The clinic was open only to 1st Gups and Dan members. Master Hwang and Master Bonsignore provided us with motivation, and guidance concerning the practical application of the 1-step sparring. Starting with the next Dan Classing, these applications will become part of the Dan evaluations for E Dans and Sam Dans. Much of the information that was shared with attendees covered the use of the huri (hip) and fluid application of the 1-steps especially diagonal movements during attacks/defensive movements. Master Frampton and Master Baran presented Master Hwang with his own "Star", registered under Sa Bom Nim's name, complete with Star chart in recognition of Master Hwang's upcoming Birthday. He was also thanked for his continuous dedication and guidance in Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan. Master Hwang thanked everyone for their dedication, and taking an active part in the U.S. Federation. He also mentioned that the Moo Duk Kwan was celebrating 52 years of service to all Moo Duk Kwan practioners around the world, and would continue for another 52 years because of our involvement and belief in the Moo Duk Kwan, and Grandmaster Hwang Kee's lifelong contributions to our "Living Art". It was surely a great honor to share the dojang floor with Master Hwang, Master Bonsignore, Master Frampton and Master Baran. It was, in my eyes, a great clinic and celebration of a great "brotherhood". One of the great benefits of being a "Federation member"! I would like to thank Master Frampton and Master Baran for hosting Sa Bom Nim Hwang and Master Bonsignore for this clinic. Soo Bahk!

Tournament results: So how did we fare in the championships? GREAT! Everyone's participation proves what a strong federation we belong to! There was a great deal of "Yong Gi" displayed by all participants, congratulations to all of you.

6 & under White/Orange Belts: Cassie Barcavage 1st in Form, 3rd in Sparring; Matthew Marchese 1st in Sparring ; Alexandra Milner 3rd in Form; Jolanda Sibbitt 2nd in Form.

7/8 White/Orange Belts: Michael Salcedo 2nd in Sparring; Jason McGlynn 3rd in Sparring; Jessie Lagana 2nd in Form.

7/8 Green Belts: Katie Palmaltier 1st in Sparring; Brandon Sibbitt 2nd in Form, 2nd in Sparring.

7/8 Red Belts: Bryan Henriques 2nd in Forms, 1st in Sparring.

9/10 White/Orange Belts: Matthew Chase 2nd in Sparring; Mikki Patane 3rd in Form.

9/10 Green Belts: Matthew Patane 3rd in Form, 1st in Sparring.

9/10 Red Belts: Kevin Cummings 3rd in Sparring.

11/12 White/Orange Belts: Shawn Dhammi 2nd in Form, 1st in Sparring.

11/12 Green Belts: Willie Helbock 2nd in Sparring; Mary Suzi 3rd in Form.

11/12 Red Belts: Alexis Lyons 2nd in Form, 3rd in Sparring; Nicholas Rienz 3rd in Form.

11/12 Dan Belts: Dale Henriques 3rd in Sparring, Zoltan Orban 1st in Sparring.

13/14 Green Belts: Eric Palmatier 1st in Form and Sparring; Danny Lagana 2nd in Form.

13/14 Red Belts: Amy Verdile 1st in Form, 2nd in Sparring.

13/14 Dan Belts: Tamas Orban 1st in Sparring; Rachel Schepperly 3rd in Form, 2nd in Sparring.

15/16 Green Belts: Mark Watt 1st in Form.

15/16 Red Belts: Ed Nolan 3rd in Form, 2nd in Sparring.

Green Belt Adult: Tammy White 2nd in Form and Sparring.

Red Belt Adult: Donna Pulcher 1st in Sparring; Kevin Thomas 1st in sparring.

Green Belt Senior: Dennis Mazzacone 3rd in Sparring.

Red Belt Senior: Cathy Duke 3rd in Form, 2nd in Sparring; Joyce Delin 3rd in Sparring; Doc Strange 2nd in Sparring.

15/16 Dan Belts: Rob Farrell 2nd in Form; Hugh Adams 2nd in Sparring.

Senior Dan Belts: Allen Ruqus 2nd in Form, 2nd in Sparring.

Women Dan Belts: Deb Lindemann 1st in Form, 1st in Sparring; Keri Neuman 3rd in Form, 3rd in Sparring.

Men Dan Belts: Dan Diaz 1st in Sparring; Nick Baran 2nd in Sparring.


Baran's Soo Bahk Do Newsletter is dedicated to the spirit of martial arts, and to all the practitioners who make Soo Bahk Do a “Living Art”. The views expressed herein are solely the editor’s and not necessarily those expressed by the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation, Inc., or Baran's Soo Bahk Do. Editor/Writer: Roberto Bonefont, Sr.

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